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Cat Sanctuary

Proprietor Mercedes Shelby is deeply devoted to saving the lives of local community cats.
That’s why the property provides a safe, nurturing outdoor sanctuary
to a colorful mix of domestic and feral felines.

Our resort staff enjoys taking turns naming our four-legged residents & will happily introduce you to Batman, Rusty, Oreo, and others.

image of a black cat named batman standing on a small stone curb


This handsome guy with the piercing “super hero” eyes arrived after the hurricanes in 2017 and is a favorite with staffers.

a tabby colored cat sitting on a rock wall looking sweetly at the viewer his eyes are half closed


Flamboyan’s well-loved orange tabby cat, Rusty, bears the distinctive “M” marking on his forehead.

a black and white cat with a white ring around it's tail stands on white marble looking up at the camera


This black and white cat with the unique white ring at the tip of its ail is known by three names: Oreo, Ringo, and Lucky.


This attention-getting female calico seems to know instinctively multi-colored markings set her apart.


We want each of our adorable felines to live the best life possible. If you are interested in adopting a resident of our Cat Sanctuary, fill out the contact form below and we’ll get back to you with more information shortly.

“From the beginning, our property has proudly served as a safe haven for felines — young and old — from every part of our island community. I think it’s especially important to emphasize that we participate exclusively in life-saving programs. After the 2017 hurricanes, our Cat Sanctuary population increased substantially because many pets were left homeless. We feed, nurture and care for them all — I believe deeply it’s the right thing to do.”

~Mercedes Shelby
Co-Owner Flamboyan on the Bay
Resort & Villas


Why are their ears clipped?

When you see the tip of a feral cat’s ear is clipped, that signifies it was humanely trapped, neutered, and returned ‘home’ to live in peace.

Would you like to help our cause?

Please contribute to the Cat Sanctuary Donation Box in the front lobby. This helps us feed and care for our feline residents here at Flamboyan on the Bay.
Thank you! 


Flamboyan supports several non-profit organizations including the Humane Society of St. Thomas. To learn more about vital programs and how you can help click below: