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Flamboyan Resort Hosts “Vision Without Limits” Seminar

phoenix visions staff posing

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September, 2021

When three world-renowned hairstylists join forces to offer master classes on cutting and styling, events of that magnitude are typically hosted in large arenas with hundreds in attendance.

Fortunately, for a handful of insightful salon owners from the mainland, a very intimate weekend seminar with iconic stylists, recently took place at Flamboyan Resort. 

Not only did attendees from New York, New Jersey, and Florida have the opportunity to experience all the tropical joys the resort has to offer; they also watched, listened and learned — up close and personal — from the best in the business.

a man gives a tutorial on hair styling at flamboyan on the bay

Above: Maurice Tidy demonstrates styling techniques to Vision Without Limits participants.

Top of Page: Instructors, models, and attendees pose together at the completion of Vision Without Limits.

two woman smile at the camera

Celebrated stylist, Taylor Jameson, gave Annette Zachman of Phoenix hair salon a brand new look.

two woman practice new hair cutting techniques

Annette Zachman and Shianne Rathert  of Phoenix Hair Salon serve as models for Vision Without Limits instructors Taylor Jameson and Francesca Rivetti.

two woman with freshly cut hair stand with a man

Tracy Wayman and Linda Cunningham — mother-and-daughter models —pose with Maurice Tidy after he creates fresh new hairstyles for the duo.

two woman smiling at the camera

Above: After creating a new ‘do’ for her, Francesca Rivetti poses with Shiannne Rathert of Phoenix Hair Salon. 

At the weekend event, iconic legend Maurice Tidy of Vidal Sassoon fame shared the spotlight with award-winning stylists Francesca Rivetti and Taylor Jameson.

In 2019, Maurice Tidy received the Intercoiffure Visionaire Award. That honor reflects a lifetime of achievement dating back to his teenage years in his native London where he began working for Vidal Sassoon. Benefiting from his legendary mentor’s generosity of spirit, creative training, and leadership, Maurice was elevated to artistic director, a position he held for two decades. By the way, he is the stylist responsible for the famous “Sassoon Bob” haircut.

Known throughout the industry for ‘hair art’ — customized couture hair design — Francesca Rivetti is originally from the UK. An NAHA award winner, she is an owner/ stylist at Follicle Studio in Philadelphia. One of her passions is sharing and teaching her “tips” “tricks” and “techniques.”

A Eufora International Global Team Educator and YOU school instructor, Taylor Jameson was born and raised in Scotland. Since relocating to the United States, she has won numerous ‘Best’ awards for her Cincinnati salons.

How amazing that Vision Without Limits participants had the opportunity to interact, one-on-one, with Maurice, Francesca, and Taylor!

To help ensure the event was a success, the Flamboyan team connected the group with local hair salon proprietor, Annette Zachman of Phoenix Visions Hair Design. Not only did Annette and her staff volunteer as models, the salon also provided some accessories. Kudos to Phoenix Visions Hair Design!

the patio at flamboyan on the bay

Above: Vision Without Limits holds a morning seminar in the lounge by the upper pool at Flamboyan Resort.

Flamboyan Resort Administrator Tracy Wayman, also served as a model — as did her mother, Linda Cunningham — a former hairstylist — who flew in from Florida to participate in a ‘mother/daughter’ styling demonstration across the generations.

Reflecting on the event, Taylor Jameson said, “I’m glad I had the opportunity to showcase what I do.” With a warm smile, she added, “It was a great two days and I also learned new skills.”

Is your business or organization looking for
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