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Meet St. John’s “Barefoot Minister” – Anne Marie Porter

Photo courtesy of Yelena Rogers photo of Anne Marie Porter, the barefoot minister smiling with a bags of flower petals on a beach

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February, 2021

Photo courtesy of Yelena Rogers photo of the letters for love standing in the sand on a beach in St. John USVI

Above: Celebrate your love on the beach in Love City, St. John. Photo courtesy of Yelena Rogers

Top of the page: Anne Marie Porter — The Barefoot Minister — performs nuptials and vow renewals on St. John. Photo courtesy of Yelena Rogers

UPDATE: Anne Marie Porter, who lived on St. John since 1981 and made a name for herself as the island’s “Barefoot Minister,” passed away on Aug. 5, 2022.

Weddings on the beach have become a dream-come-true for more and more couples. Additionally, husbands and wives frequently take advantage of tropical vacations to renew their vows in paradise.

On the island of St. John — a.k.a “Love City” — one of the most celebrated connections to those dreams is Anne Marie Porter. 

A resident for more than three decades, she garnered the title “Barefoot Minister” for officiating at hundreds of seaside ceremonies — from intimate nuptials to gala gatherings.  

Today, Anne Marie is available to assist the bride and groom with everything from applying for a U.S. Virgin Islands marriage license to choosing the perfect beach venue.

A multi-denominational, interfaith wedding officiant, the “Barefoot Minister” is renowned for customizing each ceremony.  Additionally, she is uniquely positioned to connect couples with local resources ranging from photographer to florist, musicians, catering services, transportation, accommodations and more.

Valentine’s Day has always been a favorite time for couples to visit St. John.  For that reason, 16 years ago Anne Marie decided to enhance the enchanting experience by providing a group ‘vow renewal ceremony’ at Trunk Bay. The sunset tradition continued  — until this year. 

Due to the pandemic, the 2021 event will not take place. However, keep in mind Anne Marie remains available for individualized services and celebrations.

During this month of love, why not renew your vows in Love City, St. John? What a romantic experience!

Photo courtesy of Yelena Rogers photo depicts annual group vow renewal ceremony at trunk bay USVI

Above: Although the popular Valentine’s Day group vow renewal pictured here is canceled due to COVID-19, an intimate service can be arranged with Anne Marie Porter. Photo courtesy of Yelena Rogers

Photo courtesy of Yelena Rogers photo of a bride, groom, and 2 little girls dressed in white dresses walking down the beach looking back and smiling at the camera

Above: The Barefoot Minister specializes in beach weddings and vow renewals, custom designed to please couples — and family members. Photo courtesy of Yelena Rogers

Photos courtesy of Yelena Rogers.
To see more of her work visit
or follow her on Facebook.

a round photo of a half of a coconut wearing yellow sunglasses shaped like flowers


A bit about Love City, St. John

From 1963 to 1995, a powerful AM station, Radio Antilles, broadcasting out of Plymouth, Montserrat, played local music from all over the Caribbean. The DJs are credited for nicknaming many islands including Chocolate City Tortola, Sugar City St. Kitts, Music City Virgin Gorda, Queen City Nevis, Emerald Isle Montserrat, Nature Isle Dominica, Rock City St. Thomas, Twin City St Croix — and of course, Love City St. John.


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  1. Jeanne

    Awesome to see Reverend Anne Marie’s smiling face on Facebook again. We were blessed with a most memorable vow renewal ceremony a few years ago.
    Looking forward to doing this again. Capt Rob and Jeanne 💑


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