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Northside Grind Carries Locally Made Cake Pops

two pre-teen girls hold up a tupperware of the cake pops they make for sale at northside grind.

Written by Coconut Post

Whether you’re in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands as a visitor, a local — or always in spirit — Coconut Post keeps you posted on fun-filled news ’n views. Published monthly by Flamboyan On The Bay Resort & Villas, we’re focused on sharing our people, places, and fun things happening in paradise.

July, 2022

Since “Summer Celebrations” is this month’s theme for the Coconut Post, it’s a perfect time to introduce a brand new St. Thomas company creating cake pops to enjoy whenever you celebrate! 

Tasty confections from K and E Cake Pops are visually festive, fun to eat on-the-go or at parties — no plates or forks needed. K and E Cake Pops has a fascinating behind-the-scenes story, too. The baked goods are made by two savvy 11-year-old girls who own and operate the business. 

Meet pre-teen entrepreneurs Kinsley Taylor and Elowyn Bryan and you cannot help but be impressed by the girls’ clear-eyed vision, skill set, and dedication to their confectionary craft. 

The two best friends are home-schooled and first met five years ago in ballet class at Miss Lisa Ballerina School of Dance in Yacht Haven. These young ladies soon discovered in addition to ballet, they share many other interests. “We both love to bake,” said Elowyn. 

Asked where they got the idea to create and market cake pops, Kinsley advised that she is originally from Texas. Whenever she and her family visit the Lone Star State, she would go to Starbucks to purchase cake pops and bring them back home for her St. Thomas friends.

“I didn’t know of any place on island to find cake pops,” she said. That realization was the inspiration behind K and E Cake Pops.

brightly decorated cake pops are displayed in a bowl on a counter at northside grind

Above: K and E Cake Pops are on display at Northside Grind coffee shop’s check out counter.

Top of the page: Local 11-year-old entrepreneurs Elowyn Bryan and Kinsley Taylor pose for a photo while delivering K and E Cake Pops.

Kinsley’s mom, Macy Taylor, said, “The girls are very conscientious. They handle everything from the budget to design.”

Speaking of design, Elowyn said, “I think designing our logo was the hardest part.”

The two ambitious business partners are continually experimenting with flavors, icings, and accent colors to keep the products fresh and inviting.

Macy – and Elowyn’s mom, Ketchi Bryan, are the official helpers and baggers. 

By the way, in addition to K and E standing for each girl’s first initial, a delightful twist is the official pronunciation: “Candy Cake Pops.” How clever! 

K and E Cake Pops are sold at Northside Grind coffee shop as well as Lattes in Paradise, and Scoops & Brew. Special orders for private parties also are available. 

For more information, contact K and E Cake Pops via email at kandecakepops@gmail.com.

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  1. Greg

    I have had the pleasure of meeting both of these young women, and to simply say I was impressed is an understatement. They are wonderful individuals with a savoy set of skills for 11 year old kids.

    The “Cake Pops” themselves are the best I’ve ever had!!

    Thank you for this article as it was well written and sparked a needed smile.


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