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One Flamboyan Resident Has Three Names, Nine Lives

a black and white cat with a white ring around it's tail stands on white marble looking up at the camera

Written by Coconut Post

Whether you’re in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands as a visitor, a local — or always in spirit — Coconut Post keeps you posted on fun-filled news ’n views. Published monthly by Flamboyan On The Bay Resort & Villas, we’re focused on sharing our people, places, and fun things happening in paradise.

March, 2021

Flamboyan Resort graciously welcomes residents and visitors to enjoy the lush seven-acre complex overlooking Magens Bay.

Although V.L.T. gamers, hotels guests, pool and tennis club members, restaurant and coffee shop customers all come and go — many with regularity — there are some permanent residents. They are the adorable critters enjoying life at the resort’s Cat Sanctuary.

For decades, the property has proudly served as safe haven for felines — young and old. Proprietors Mercedes and Michael Shelby — and the entire Flamboyan team — are devoted to making life better for a local community of cats. 

If you notice the tip of a cat’s ear is clipped, that signifies it has been humanely trapped, neutered, and returned ‘home’ to live in peace. 

In addition to life-saving programs, part of making felines feel at home on the grounds of Flamboyan Resort is giving each one a special name. 

Since there is no designated staff member in charge of that responsibility, one of the kitties ended up with multiple names — for obvious reasons. 

Next time you are at Flamboyan Resort and notice a black and white cat with a distinctive white ring at the tip of its black tail, you are in the company of “Ringo” AKA “Oreo” AKA “Lucky.”

If you are interested in adopting a resident of Flamboyan’s Cat Sanctuary, contact the resort’s front desk during office hours. Cat food, kitty treats, and monetary donations are always welcome. 

Visitors are asked to refrain from feeding the cats. Rest assured, each one is well cared for — and very “lucky.”

image of half a coconut wearing yellow flower sunglasses and a leprechaun hat.


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