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Our Grounds

Stroll lush grounds, home to colorful flamboyant trees that inspired our stylized name. Community spirit runs deep, reflected by assorted feline rescues scampering about an outdoor cat sanctuary. Because “heartfelt hospitality” is our number one commitment, we hope you’ll think of us as your Caribbean home away from home.

Why the name change?

Inspired by our close proximity to Magens Bay beach, for decades the resort was known as Magens Point. Recent efforts to breathe new life into the property with major renovations and eco-friendly upgrades paved the way to choosing a brand new name. Honoring the colorful flamboyant trees that flourish on the grounds seemed only natural. In true island tradition, we customized the spelling to make it our very own. Welcome to Flamboyan on the Bay Resort & Villas.

Going Green

Locals will tell you the island’s power system has an unfortunate reputation for frequent outages and lengthy blackouts. Happily, our resort runs totally off the grid with an on-premise multi-generator system. Plans are in the works to incorporate solar energy. We also are converting to eco-friendly cleaning supplies and other “green” alternatives.

PLEASE NOTE: Water conservation is vital to sustain happy, healthy island living and the territory relies on rainwater – collected in cisterns – to keep it flowing. Unfortunately, Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate, especially during dry season. Remember, life depends on water and islanders depend on you to use all running water sparingly. Thank you!

Flamboyant Trees

During summer the Brilliant Royal Poinciana — known locally as the Flamboyant — displays vibrant orange-red flowers and is considered to be one of the most beautiful trees in the world. Flamboyant trees are found throughout the resort, including one that stands center stage in the driveway roundabout. Long brown pods that develop on the Flamboyant grow up to 18-inches. Local bands use the “shack-shack” as a percussion instrument and Virgin Islands children enjoy painting them in brilliant colors to shake in rhythm to the music at annual Carnival parades.

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