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Our Recovery

On September 6, 2017, Hurricane Irma devastated our island. The slow-moving Category-Five storm, with peak winds of 178-miles per hour, caused catastrophic damage throughout St. Thomas. With the belief that pictures are worth a thousand words, please view our “before and after” photos below.

We are working hard to restore the resort far beyond its former beauty while keeping our original ever-friendly, welcoming spirit intact.


Where we were 4 years ago…

Here at the resort, roofs tore off buildings, the sports bar ripped apart, our upper pool imploded, and several structures were hollowed out. Furnishings, lumber, and electronics, as well as smashed glass from sliding doors and windows were strewn everywhere. Vehicles were destroyed. Our lovingly-tended gardens were destroyed and lush foliage was left barren.

Less than two weeks later on September 19, just as cleanup efforts had begun, Hurricane Maria hit our shores. Not only did that storm take us back to square one; severe destruction on St. Croix and Puerto Rico cut off our lifeline to nearby manpower and supplies. Once again, our resilient island spirit took hold. Within days, cleanup began for a second time and we prepared to rebuild.

Where we are now…

Thanks to teams of skilled workers and the dedication of our loyal staff, after three and a half intense years, Flamboyan on the Bay Resort & Villas is now open to serve you with beautifully redesigned guests rooms, two exquisite pools, hot tub, lighted tennis courts, lush gardens, lounges, a gaming center, bar and restaurant, coffee shop and more.

In some areas — including the studio building — we are still under construction,
One of our staff members put it best:

“We are a post-storm dream in progress.”

As we continue working to achieve full restoration,
we hope you will enjoy all our resort has to offer.

Come visit the NEW Flamboyan on the Bay!