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Discover Pirates Treasure ~ A Shipwreck Museum

Written by Coconut Post

Whether you’re in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands as a visitor, a local — or always in spirit — Coconut Post keeps you posted on fun-filled news ’n views. Published monthly by Flamboyan On The Bay Resort & Villas, we’re focused on sharing our people, places, and fun things happening in paradise.

March, 2020

Above:  Pirates Treasure Museum is located in Havensight next to the Skyride tram.

Top of Page: Colorful Caribbean characters — including Captain John — bring history to life at Pirates Treasure Museum.

Above: Pirates Treasure Museum is filled with fascinating displays and interactive exhibits to delight all ages.

General Manager Scott Bunn, a maritime aficionado, said, “I was working on opening a maritime museum when I had the opportunity to join forces here.”

The gracious and welcoming staff also includes knowledgeable docents and guides to answer all your questions. Don’t be surprised if colorful characters such as “Captain John” — dressed in full pirate regalia — approach you out-of-the-blue to share tales of old.

The museum is conveniently located next to the Skyride to Paradise Point across from Havensight Mall. While there, visit the world class gift shop to select a piece of history to add to your own collection.

For more information, go to piratestreasuremuseum.com or call 340-775-9575.

Ever wonder what life was like when pirates sailed the Caribbean? Now you can take a fascinating trip back in time — in air-conditioned comfort — at Pirates Treasure. What a totally “captivating” shipwreck museum to discover!

This one-of-a-kind attraction spotlights the mystery of island history including the fact that St. Thomas once served as safe haven for Blackbeard the Pirate and many other swashbucklers of dubious distinction.

In those days the settlement along the waterfront — now downtown Charlotte Amalie —  was filled with so many taverns, its official name was “Taphus”  which translates to “Beer Hall.” Being a pirate refuge, the local merchants were known to benefit from pirate booty being sold and traded in plain sight on city streets.

Today, Pirates Treasure is a first class two-story 7,200 square-foot museum dedicated to featuring exciting interactive exhibits including ‘Maritime Match Game.’

The product of visionary founder Dale Schmidt in conjunction with Mike Barton of Odyssey Marine, Pirates Treasure offers fun-filled information for visitors of all ages.

Retail Sales Manager Sean Loughman has literally been immersed in the world of Caribbean wreck diving for decades and is resident coin expert extraordinaire.


Above: Count on Retail Sales Manager Sean Loughman and General Manager Scott Bunn to share invaluable info on shipwreck coins and other authentic artifacts. 


A bit about blackbeard

Edward Teach — better known as Blackbeard — was an English pirate whose moniker was derived from his long, thick black hair and beard. Fearsome in appearance, he would tie slow burning matches to both hair and beard, distracting foes with the menacing look of smoke billowing all around him.




A bit about bluebeard

Legends portray Bluebeard as a pirate who married multiple times — murdering each bride to make way for the next. Closest version to the swashbuckler’s life story was the central character in a 17th century French folktale about a wealthy man who fatally ’eliminated’ his wives. In other words, Bluebeard is a totally fictional figure.



Q: What happened when Bluebeard fell overboard in the Red Sea?


A: He got marooned!


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