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Travelers Take to Flamboyan’s Friendly Felines

two woman sit on a chair while holding a flamboyan feline named diva

Written by Coconut Post

Whether you’re in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands as a visitor, a local — or always in spirit — Coconut Post keeps you posted on fun-filled news ’n views. Published monthly by Flamboyan On The Bay Resort & Villas, we’re focused on sharing our people, places, and fun things happening in paradise.

May, 2021

a round photo of a half of a coconut wearing yellow sunglasses shaped like flowers


A bit about classic Piña Colada

Originating in Puerto Rico, the Piña Colada cocktail is popular throughout the Caribbean — and beyond.  Made with rum, cream of coconut or coconut milk, and pineapple juice, it’s served either blended or shaken with ice and garnished with pineapple wedge, maraschino cherry, or both. Proportion is one part each of coconut cream and white rum to three parts pineapple juice.

Some people subscribe to the belief that animal lovers tend to be healthier and happier — at least that’s what many pet owners say.  

Any way you look at it, a number of Flamboyan Resort guests enjoy interacting with the colorful array of felines that roam the seven-and-a-half acre property. 

A closer look reveals resort proprietors Mercedes and Michael Shelby — and the caring staff  — are devoted to making life better for a local community of cats. The on-premise “Cat Sanctuary” provides for the care and feeding of resident felines of all ages. The nurturing process includes regular visits to the vet. When the tip of a cat’s ear is “clipped,” it signifies the feline has been humanely trapped, neutered, and returned ‘home’ to live in peace. 

Florida residents Gina Caruso and Regina Abramov were on island recently for a combination mini-vacation and business meeting. The ladies fell in love with “The Felines of Flamboyan” — and found a special place in their hearts for Diva, one of the resort’s most lovable kitties. 

In addition to life-saving programs, part of making kitties feel at home on the grounds of Flamboyan Resort is giving each one a special “pet” name. By the way, Diva’s name suits her amazingly well. She carries herself with dignity, seemingly well aware of her uniquely attractive colorations.

Top of page: Flamboyan Resort guests Rebecca Abramov and Gina Caruso relax in the shaded lounge area by the upper pool with Diva, a feline favorite. 

If you are interested in adopting a resident of Flamboyan’s Cat Sanctuary, contact the front desk during office hours. Cat food, kitty treats, and monetary donations to help cover costs are graciously accepted at the reception office. 

Visitors are asked to refrain from feeding the cats. Rest assured, they are well cared for by staff and management.

Read more about how you can help HERE!


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