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Visit Chalet D’or / Get Charmed at “The Landmark”

Larimar display of necklaces and pendants

Written by Coconut Post

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October, 2021

outside front door of get charmed

Above: Welcome to Chalet D’Or and Get Charmed factory outlet on Garden Street, home to Sandals For Your Neck.

Top of the page: Chalet D’Or features Larimar jewelry in a wide array of original designs.

Downtown Charlotte Amalie offers endless opportunities to discover fascinating one-of-a-kind shops with storied histories.

One local enterprise not to be missed is Chalet D’Or / Get Charmed on Garden Street.

Housed in “The Landmark” at the base of public stairs connecting pedestrians to Government Hill, the white building with classic blue shutters dates back to 1837.

Click HERE to view on Google Maps.

On the ground level, window displays promise a memorable experience.  Step inside to meet proprietor, Sunil Mohanani, and his friendly staff — you won’t be disappointed. The story of Chalet D’Or dates back to 1968 when Sunil’s parents first established the shop on Main Street. His father, Ramesh, a master jeweler, instilled in his son a passion for beauty, quality, and perfection.

Growing up in the business, Sunil began contributing his own talents and creativity to the thriving enterprise. Eventually, his idea to design dainty flip-flop pendants in a variety of colors and designs grew to international acclaim with Sandals For Your Neck. The pendants are fashioned from semi-precious stones including mother of pearl, onyx, rose quartz, tiger eye, lapis lazuli, malachite and more.

Today, in addition to celebrating more than a half-century of success, Chalet D’Or continues the family tradition of designing original jewelry to please a variety of tastes — and budgets. With a warm smile, Sunil said, “All the bling-bling without the cha-ching.”

proprieter of get charmed stands in front of a display case and smiles at the camera

Above: Meet Chalet D’Or proprietor, Sunil Mohanani, creator of Sandals For Your Neck flip-flop pendants.

get charmed pendants of sandals decorated with different charms

Above: At Chalet D’Or / Get Charmed, you will discover a colorful selection of Sandals For Your Neck flip flop pendants, fashioned from semi-precious stones.

In addition to Sandals For Your Neck, Chalet D’Or / Get Charmed carries original Larimar jewelry, and a full array of attractive adornments. 

While you are at “The Landmark,” keep in mind Sammiches is located on the upper level of the building. The new eatery was featured in the July 2021 issue of Coconut Post.

Next time you are traveling, should you happen to visit St. Augustine, Florida and notice a bed and breakfast with a Virgin Islands flag waving proudly on a beautifully refurbished white building with blue shutters — circa 1860 — you are not seeing double. The Mohanani family is now operating that three-unit facility in the Sunshine State. Appropriately, the building is called, “The Landmark.”

For additional information, visit chaletdor.com. For the Get Charmed Boutique website, click HERE visit or call 340-775-6381.


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